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Susan Bates Universal - Regular - Bulky Knit Counters


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Susan Bates Universal - Regular - Bulky Knit Counters

Knit Counters record the number of rows completed by manually rotating the end sections.

A handy way to keep track of pattern details like rows and cable panels, counts from 0-99.

Susan Bates - Universal Knit Counter - Row Counter

At last, a knit counter for circular, single, and double point needles up to size 15 (10mm).

Takes up less space than a regular knit counter.

Designed to help you keep track of rows as you are knitting or crocheting, this counter has an added feature of a hook that allows you to attach it to circular knitting needles.

Ideal when knitting sweaters or ponchos on circular needles.

I use one for crochet by putting a split lock marker or stitch pin through the loop and putting it right on my work.

Fits needles up to size 15 (10.00mm).

Susan Bates Regular Knit Row Counter

Fits needles US 0 to 10 (2mm to 6mm)

Susan Bates Bulky Knit Counter

Fits needles US 10.5 to 15 US (6.5 to 10mm).

Price is for one counter in your choice of style! Colors may vary!

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