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Adut size Dr Peste Costume - Plague Doctor - Steampunk - with Mask & Hat


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Adut size Dr Peste Costume - Plague Doctor - Steampunk - with Hat & Mask

With this Doctor Peste Costume, you can transform yourself into one of the curious figures of the Middle Ages known as the plague doctor or beak doctor.

These medical personnel treated victims of the Black Death and other epidemics.

Today, their legend lives on in the form of their traditional garb, a floor-length set of robes and a strange, bird-like mask that originally was used to hold various herbs or perfumes believed to hold off the miasma of sickness.

With this fantastic latex mask and black robe and cape, you will be a mysterious yet compelling figure at your next costumed event.

“The nose half a foot long, shaped like a beak, filled with perfume with only two holes, one on each side near the nostrils, but that can suffice to breathe and to carry along with the air one breathes the impression of the drugs enclosed further along in the beak. Under the coat we wear boots made in Moroccan leather (goat leather) from the front of the breeches in smooth skin that are attached to said boots and a short-sleeved blouse in smooth skin, the bottom of which is tucked into the breeches. The hat and gloves are also made of the same skin ... with spectacles over the eyes.”

Includes: Black Robe with Cape, Hat and Latex Mask.

Adult - One size fits most

Gloves are NOT included but are available for separate purchase!

Price is for one Costume as described! Other styles available, please see our listings.

Please note: This item's color may vary due to inherent manufacturing variations or your computer monitor's color settings. The item you receive will be identical or substantially similar to the item pictured in this listing.

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