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Art Clay Starter Kit with instructional DVD and Refillable Torch!


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Art Clay Starter Kit with instructional DVD and Refillable Torch!

This kit contains almost everything you'll need to get started. Butane is NOT included and must be purchased separately as it is not allowed to go through the mail.

Included are 20 grams of low-fire Art Clay® Silver, 6x6-inch non-stick work surface sheet, clear acrylic brayer/roller with metal handle, plastic guide/gauge strips, wood ring mandrel and adjustable ring sizer, cleaning tool/stainless steel spatula, slide-locking tweezers, 9x11-inch wet/dry sandpaper sheets in #600, #1200 and #2000 grit, a set of 12 miniature needle files, 4x4x1-inch rubber block for stability during work, self-igniting refillable butane torch (refillable butane torch shipped empty), nonflammable firing brick, stainless steel wire brush with wooden handle, agate-tipped burnisher, Moonshine® polishing cloth, "Metal Clay Fundamentals" booklet, a 47-minute instructional DVD, "Secrets to Metal Clay Success - Fundamentals" by certified PMC and Senior Art Clay instructor, Tammy Honaman.

Art Clay is a soft, supple clay mixed with fine silver or gold precious metal powder to create one-of-a-kind custom jewelry.

The metal clay fires to 99.9% pure silver or 100% 22Kt gold. Shape the metal clay, let dry, fire and polish.

The result is a quality piece of custom precious metal art.

Art Clay uses a water-based precious metal material that suspends precious metal particles within, creating “metal clay.”

Once you create and fire the metal design, the clay residue burns off, leaving only fine silver or gold along with a non-toxic powder.

Brush off the powder and reveal your shimmering metal art.

With Art Clay silver, the particles come from the reprocessing of old film, helping keep the earth and metal clay jewelry designs “green.”

How do you know your piece is fired when you fire with a torch?

You can achieve the same great results you get when firing Art Clay® Silver in a kiln by using a butane gas torch.

There are restrictions, however. You cannot fire any piece that weighs more than 25 grams or is larger than a silver dollar. You cannot fire pieces made over cork clay, paper or organic materials, or projects that include glass, ceramic, porcelain or sterling silver findings.

You can use a torch to:

* Fire any Art Clay® design that is within the size restrictions
* Fire pure silver findings in place
* Fire designs with small gemstone (rated to withstand firing), 5mm and under in size
* Fire Accent for Gold Silver onto already fired Art Clay® Silver
* Fire an already fired, finished piece to add additional embellishments

Before using the butane torch for the first time, please review all instructions that come with the torch so you know how to load and operate it. Set up an area that is clear of all flammable objects, like paper, curtains or table cloths. Use a fire block to set your dried Art Clay® project onto and have a fiber blanket available to help support your piece if it's concave or textured, or if you have any embedded gemstones that need to be cooled slowly after firing.

When you light the torch, look at the fire stream and take notice of the blue tip within that stream. Direct the flame at a 45 degree angle, keep the blue tip 1/4 inch away from the piece, and rotate the flame around the Art Clay® so you heat the entire piece evenly. As you heat the Art Clay®, the piece will start to soak, then the binder will burn off which you'll see as a small flame. Keep the torch going around and around the piece during this stage -- it doesn't last long. As the piece continues to heat, it will turn dark brown and then white. Pay close attention to the changes in the color -- the piece will remain white, but will start to glow with a salmon-colored hue. Hold this salmon hue until the piece is heated thoroughly for its size - 1-1/2 minutes if the clay volume is up to 5 grams; 2 minutes if the volume is between 6 and 15 grams; and up to 4 minutes if the clay volume is 16 to 25 grams. If the clay starts to turn shiny and bubble -- you are melting the silver, so raise the flame enough that you maintain the salmon color but have a cooler burn. Maintain the salmon hue for the required time; this is the key to successful torch firing.

Some additional torch firing tips:

* Make sure the Art Clay® piece is completely dry before firing -- if there is any remaining moisture, the molecules of water will boil and will need to escape -- this will leave a blemish on the surface of your design (which may or may not be something you desire)
* Watch where you are pointing the torch when you turn it on; make sure your clothing and hair are not in the path of the flame; watch your hair especially if you use hair spray
* If you are firing gemstones, turn the piece upside down and place it onto a fiber blanket before firing; the fiber blanket won't burn
* If you're having trouble seeing the salmon hue -- dim the lights in the room, so the glow can be seen more easily

How do I remove the white residue from my fired Art Clay® pieces?

The whitish appearance on fired Art Clay® pieces is not a residue at all; it's just how the surface of the clay appears after firing. During firing, the topography of the clay's surface changes to a more bumpy finish. The bumps diminish light reflection, making the surface appear white or dull. To change the appearance of the surface, you need to burnish your fired designs.

You can burnish the clay using different methods -- the one you choose will depend on the end result you are looking for.

For a matte silver finish, brush the surface of the fired piece using a fine steel wire brush.

For a shiny silver finish, brush the surface of the fired piece using a fine steel wire brush, followed by burnishing with an agate or steel burnisher. To further enhance the shine, and to prolong the finish, use metal polish after burnishing.

Butane is NOT included and must be purchased separately as it is not allowed to go through the mail.

Price is for one item as described in your choice of style and color!  Other styles available, please see our listings.

Please note: This item's color may vary due to inherent manufacturing variations or your computer monitor's color settings. The item you receive will be identical or substantially similar to the item pictured in this listing.

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