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Pet Yoda Ears - Costume Accessory - 2 sizes for Dogs 1 Size for Cats


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Pet Yoda Cat or Dog Ears - Costume Accessory

Cat Yoda Hood with Velcro under the chin.

Mew or mew not. There is no try.

If Yoda were a cat, we think he'd be a Siamese. Siamese look so wise. And they always want to share that wisdom with you. Also, they stare at things as if they're trying to use The Force on them. Oh, no wait. That's all cats.

Honor the wisdom in your feline friend by trying to put this Star Wars Yoda Cat Hood on him or her. It has little holes for your cat's ears, and an elastic chin strap that has hook-and-loop so it comes apart easily in case kitty doesn't want to be Yoda.

Note that this product does not come with band aids. You're gonna need them, though. Cause some cats will not take kindly to this.

Make your kitty look like Yoda, has earholes for your cat's ears.

Available in One size fits most.

Does not come with band aids.

Dog Yoda Headband with Velcro under the chin.

Chew or chew not. There is no try.

Do you have a pooch who is wise beyond his years and full of goodness and light? Yoda is an obvious match. What dog wouldn't want to be a Yoda? No waiting for walks. The pup can use The Force to hold his or her own leash. Nobody can make you take a bath if you don't want to.

That day when you see the treat jar floating across the living room, you know your dog's a Jedi master.

This Star Wars Yoda Dog Headband has an elastic chin strap with hook-and-loop closure to help keep it in place in case Fido doesn't want to be Yoda.

Make your dog look like Yoda

Available in Small/Medium or Medium/Large

Buy this, you will

This is an Officially licensed product.

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