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Wearable Medieval Armor Knights Helmet


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Wearable Medieval Armor Knights Helmet

All Hand Made - Some slight differences in size and finish may occur

This high quality, full sized wearable costume Knights helmet is forged from 18 gauge steel with Brass decoration.

It is hand-crafted, therefore differences in appearance and size may occur.

* This medieval helmet weighs over 6 pounds.

* It is approximately 9-11 inches tall (shorter in the back than the front)

* It is approximately 9 inches wide

* 16 gauge low carbon mild steel and 18 gauge Brass is used

Crusader helms started out as a simple cylinder with a flat top called a Great helm or a pot helm. Later the helm developed into a curved shaped that was pointed on top called a sugarloaf helm.

This design of the knights helm deflected the blow from sword attacks and lance or spear attacks.

These types of Crusader helms had small slits for the eyes and mouth which provided poor ventilation and poor line of sight.

Great for Halloween, The Renaissance Festival, or for display in your home. It is recommended that you wear an padded helmet cap during use, (NOT INCLUDED. , but available by separate purchase).

Wear this helmet with your fantasy armor costume and make your own impression.

Oil is used during shipping.

Helmet Stand is NOT INCLUDED but is available through separate purchase.

Price is for one helmet as described!

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