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Chain Mail Hood Coif - Steel

The word itself refers to the armor material, not the garment made from it.

A shirt made from mail is a Hauberk if knee-length, Habergeon if mid-thigh length, and Byrnie if waist-length.

Mail leggings are called Chausses, mail hoods Coif and mail mittens Mitons.

A mail collar hanging from a helmet is camail or aventail.

A mail collar worn strapped around the neck was called a Pixane or Standard.

Mail was a highly successful type of armor and was used by nearly every metalworking culture in North Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Its use spans from around 300 BC to the dawn of the 20th century and beyond, a period of over 2500 years. Today it remains in limited use in stab vests and a number of other applications.

It is also used in reenactments, decorative uses and jewelry.

Hood measurements: Measurements are taken with the item laying flat and then doubled where necessary.

Neck approximately 36 inches around and it measures approximately 16 inches top to bottom.

Due to the properties of chain mail it will conform to many shapes and sizes.

Chainmail is armor made up of thousands of tiny metal loops linked together. Think of it as a more flexible version of platemail. And in some ways it was more effective than Platemail - particularly in that it was lighter than plate and allowed the wearer more freedom of motion.

Shirt available through separate purchase!

Price is for one Hood!

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