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Adult size Dragon Knight Costume - Night Watch - Game of Thrones - 5 sizes


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Adult size Dragon Knight Costume - Night Watch - Game of Thrones - 5 sizes

"Winter Is Coming" is the motto of House Stark, one of the Great Houses of Westeros. The meaning behind these words is one of warning and constant vigilance. The Starks, being the lords of the North, strive to always be prepared for the coming of winter, which hits their lands the hardest.

Are you ready for the White Walkers?

Freed from his Night's Watch vows, Jon joins his cousin, Sansa Stark, in building an army and together they retake Winterfell from House Bolton, restoring House Stark's dominion over the North with Jon being declared the new King in the North. However, after successfully capturing a wight and presenting it to the Lannisters as proof that the Army of the Dead is real, Jon pledges himself and his army to Daenerys Targaryen, Rhaegar's sister, and steps down as King in the North.

Do you know in your heart that You are Jon Snow? Then this is the costume you need to complete your destiny.

   100% polyester fabrics

This Costume is Officially licensed!

Includes: Tunic, Vest, Belt, Cape with faux Fur Trim, Gloves, Arm Guards and Boot Covers

Adult - 5 sizes available

Price is for ONE Costume as described in your choice of size. Other styles available, please see our listings.

Please note: This item's color may vary due to inherent manufacturing variations or your computer monitor's color settings. The item you receive will be identical or substantially similar to the item pictured in this listing.

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