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Stick On Cat's Eye Bindis 3 Styles


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Stick On Cat's Eye Bindis 3 Styles

Large Round Bindi - 5 per package approximately 1/8 inch wide

Ova Bindi - 5 per package approximately 1/8 inch x 3/16 inch

Small Round - 5 per package approximately 1/16 inch wide

Bindi are reusable body stickers that are used as jewelry.

Think Bollywood fun here!

The original adhesive on a bindi sticker typically lasts 1-3 wears.

After the adhesive wears off, use a little eyelash glue or even a glue stick to re-stick your bindi jewelry.

Traditionally people think of bindis as being worn on the forehead, but indian bindi can be worn anywhere!

I love to wear bindi on the chest as a floating necklace and at the corner of the eyes.

Try putting a large curvy crystal bindi along your cheekbone or just under your belly button.

Long thin bindis look great on the back of high heel shoes!

The point is that you can wear bindi ANYWHERE!

Not only can you wear bindi body stickers anywhere, ANYONE can wear bindi. It doesn't matter your culture, religion, background, skin color, or language, bindi can be embraced by you!

Belly dancers and tribal dancers wear bindi and so do suburban moms and urban hipsters. Grandmothers wear fashion bindi and so do high school girls. Make your bindi fashion statement!

These self-adhesive temporary belly tattoos or bindis take body art to a new level of effortless fun and comfort!

Simply press on - perfect for your forehead or belly button.

They are easily and safely removed to use again and again (once the adhesive diminishes, apply any non-toxic glue for reapplication such as eyelash glue).

Each bindi is handcrafted with rhinestones and crystal beads; non-allergenic acrylic.

Price is for one set of 5 bindis in your choice of style!  Other styles available, please see our listings.

Please note: This item's color may vary due to inherent manufacturing variations or your computer monitor's color settings. The item you receive will be identical or substantially similar to the item pictured in this listing.

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