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4 Piece Dental Pick Set with Dental Mirror


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Check out these 5 high quality surgical instruments used by medical professionals across the country.

Dental Mirror - This instrument is ideal for anyone who crafts, looking behind or under objects, and yes you can use it to check out your teeth!

6 1/2 inches overall Crafted under strict quality control standards providing for outstanding quality and performance.

These instruments are ideal for jewelers, mechanics, fishermen, gun repairs and many more!

Excellent for getting old paint out of intricate areas such as carvings, moldings, turnings, etc.

This 5 piece set has a variety of tips shaped to get into odd corners, crevices, and other hard to reach areas.

Dental picks can be used for activities including hobby projects, gluing, removing old paint from crevices, fossil preparation, circuit probing, micro positioning, O ring removal, and a myriad of other activities.

Price is for one set as described!

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