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Adult size Creepshow - The Crate - Fluffy Beast Latex Mask


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Adult size Creepshow - Fluffy The Crate Beast Latex Mask

Adult size Creepshow - The Crate - Fluffy Beast Latex Mask

Creepshow is a 1982 American dark comedy horror anthology film directed by George A. Romero and written by Stephen King, making this film his screenwriting debut.

Five tales of terror are presented. The fourth is about a creature that resides in a crate under the steps of a college.

A janitor named Mike Latimer, who worked at Horlicks University was cleaning there at the zoology department at Amberson Hall, he discovers a crate and on the crate it has writing on it about the Artic Expedition on June 19, 1834. Mike calls Professor Dexter Stanley about it. When they open the crate, they discover that the crate contains an ape-like monster which devours Mike the janitor in front of the horrified professor who runs for help. A student named Charlie Gereson, whom he runs to is Fluffy's next victim and the professor once again runs for help.

Another professor Henry Northrup suspects that his friend's story may be a way for him to be rid of his shrewish wife Wilma Northrup, which happens when Fluffy devours her. Afterwards, Henry chains the crate and takes the crate to Ryder's Quarry and dumps it into the lake with Fluffy in it. The two men assume that Fluffy is dead, however, Fluffy has proved to have survived and breaks out of the crate to wreak more havoc on shore.

Trick or Treat Studios and Blairwood Entertainment is proud to present the Official Creepshow Fluffy Mask from the amazing segment in Creepshow, The Crate.

Intensely detailed, Fluffy was sculpted by Trick or Treat Studios VP of Art Direction, Justin Mabry. Using numerous screen shot from Creepshow, every detail of Fluffy is here.

So be sure to order Fluffy, get yourself a crate and scare the neighborhood.

Adult - One Size Fits Most

Price is for one Mask as described! Other styles available, please see our listings!

Please note: This item's color may vary due to inherent manufacturing variations or your computer monitor's color settings. The item you receive will be identical or substantially similar to the item pictured in this listing.

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